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A much better read than any of Kotick's usual bullshit
Интервью с Николаем Барышниковым из 1С на gameindustrybiz.

Q: I'm hearing that the Russian government is looking to support the local games industry - has any of that filtered down to you?

Nikolay Baryshnikov: I'm not that involved. ... So I've heard there's some idea that government should support local development, blah blah blah. There have been some discussion in the press, but I'm not sure there have been any real steps, that anybody has said 'take this million dollars,' make this great pro-Russian gaming. I haven't heard any single story that that's actually happened.

Q: How much do you feel you're up against a perception that Russian and CIS games are a bit different – odder, rougher?

Nikolay Baryshnikov: I believe that 80 to 90 per cent of gamers, they don't really care where the game was developed, who was the developer etcetera. To me, like a consumer of yogurts or movies... you ask me who was the director of that movie, I have no clue. Whether that was the same studio as Universal Studios or Warner Brothers... Except maybe movies like Star Wars, the Matrix, when it's so highly-marketed that everybody knows that this is the producer, this is the director. So I feel that most gamers, they want gameplay, they want experience, they're not people will say 'oh, made in Russia!'

Q: Could Russian games – or 1C games – get to that high level without any government assistance?

Nikolay Baryshnikov: [Long pause]. It would reduce a lot of commercial risk, I'm sure.

Там много всякого интересного. Может я и слоупок, но опровержения вот этой истории не заметил. Никаких, значит, проектов при поддержке государства 1С не делает за стопицот миллионов.

Ну эт я так потороллить немножко. А на самом деле интересное, хорошее чтиво.

P.S заголовок из каментов к статье, да.


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